All be over by Christmas

celebrating peace and reconciliation

‘It’ll all be over by Christmas..?
Remembering a promise made in 1914; as yet unfulfilled
and celebrating Peace, Friendship and Reconciliation

with songs, music and film

presented by Peace Through Folk, in aid of Foxlowe Funds
Sunday 11th December 2016 day and evening

Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek.

Featuring - Janet Russell, The Peace Through Folk Choir, The Birdscarers,
Wal Davies, Steve Edkins, Rick Ford,  Pete Shirley & Esther Brennan, Pete Hopkins, Ray Johnson, Virginia Meir, The Laners, Malcolm Moger, George Worth, John Morris & more guests,

The Peace Through Folk Annual Peace Concert 2016 was first performed on 16th September to a sell-out audience at the Folk Gathering in the Peak Park as a part of the global events supporting the UN Day of Peace. That concert with 38 performers will now be performed in Leek for the very first time.  

The elements of the playlist each tell their own story so the concert is planned to flow seamlessly with only the briefest of links. 
Our narrative begins in 1916 and flows through to 2016 with songs, film screened by Ray Johnson, and even the occasional poem, exposing the waste and futility of wars past and present and also celebrating the joys of peace, friendship and reconciliation.
The events that took place one hundred years ago included the introduction of conscription, the Land Battles of the Somme and Verdun, Jutland in the North Sea and The Easter Rising in Dublin. The concert also reflects on recent and current conflicts with a special focus on the impact of war on ordinary innocent people – refugees, civilians, children!
Featuring many well loved songs of commemoration, peace, friendship and reconciliation and films. There will be plenty of opportunity to join in with some great choruses; to all sing loudly and with meaning during this season of Peace and Goodwill.

Peace is for life, not just for Christmas - and by being together, singing and making music we will be part of what is happening to try and bring Peace to Planet Earth at this very difficult and troubled time.
      As Gandhi said each of us is trying to be the change that we want to see in the world’.

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Phone 0780 552 9492 for information
Tickets £5 from The Foxlowe, Stockwell St, Leek ST13 6AD  or buy on line at -